The Power of Humor: An Electrician's Journey Overcoming Sexism, Racism, and Homophobia in the Trades

This podcast episode features a conversation between Lia Lamela, the host, and Linsday Kearns, a red seal electrician, who works for the BC Center for Women in the Trades in British Columbia, Canada. Lindsay shares her experience as an electrician and the challenges she faced during her apprenticeship, including sexism, racism, and homophobia. She also talks about her specialization in building automation and the unpredictability of her job. The conversation highlights the importance of addressing inappropriate behavior in the workplace and creating a happy, well-paid, and satisfied workforce to create a society's economic success.

Discovering the Good Enough Job: A New Perspective on Career with Simone Stolzoff

In this episode of the Sparky Live podcast, host Lia Lamela speaks with author Simone Stolzoff about his book "The Good Enough Job." They discuss the concept of finding meaning outside of work and the observations Simone has made about blue collar and white collar workers. Simone shares his perspective on work, emphasizing that it shouldn't be the sole measure of self-worth. He explores the idea of a "good enough job" and contrasts it with a dream job, highlighting the importance of recognizing when a job supports the life one wants to lead. Simone also discusses the value of uncertainty and doubt in our lives and shares his approach to writing his upcoming book. We discuss on job satisfaction and the concept of job crafting. Simone encourages listeners to align their job with the type of work they truly want to be doing and challenges the belief that it's too late to make a change.

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