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After a decade in Medical Aesthetics, as a Skin Care Director, and Aesthetician, I took a risk when meeting my soon- to- be- fiance, and built a Specialty Rod & Rig business for the Commercial Fishing Industry. I invested $10,000 into this business, which produced profits of $75,000 in less than a year. This was living the American Dream; I was about to be married,  and growing a profitable business. But that's all it was; a dream that quickly crumbled into a nightmare. 

I lost everything. My business, my possessions, and with no money, I had to flee, fearing for my life. I ended up in a women's shelter, with my beloved pets, and the clothes on my back. I am a survivor of domestic violence. 

Living in the women's shelter, not only had I lost everything, but worse of all, I had lost myself. Beaten and broken, I needed a way to make money to survive. Working at the local Walmart wasn't going to pay my bills. My Brother-in-Law mentioned he had heard of an all women's trade school, pre-apprenticeship program. They were offering scholarships for those that qualified, so I applied with nothing to lose. To my amazement I was accepted. I was introduced to the skilled trades: Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and more.

This was the first step, in the course of my revitalized  life, that changed my trajectory in ways I never could have imagined. I went from pre-apprentice, to apprentice, to journeywoman. 

 I did this in 3 years; it typically takes on average,  4 or 5 years to accomplish this. I lived, breathed, and ate electrical.

In my lifetime, no other career path has opened so many doors. The skilled trades set me up for success, gave me financial freedom, improved my math skills, and  problem solving skills.  Most importantly, it re-built my self-confidence. I now have a successful career in Building Automation and Fire Alarm Systems.

I could not understand why people did not know about the numerous opportunities in the skilled trades. Especially for women. Why was no one talking about this?

Most women have no idea a skilled trades career path is available to them. Additionally, schools and the media's interpretation of working with your hands is all wrong.  I knew this misinformation and misrepresentation about the skilled trades needed to be corrected. Thus, the Sparky Life Podcast was born. Without the skilled trades, the worst of humanity is revealed. I know what it is like to live without running water, and electricity; you are just existing- barely surviving. 

Civilization is created and maintained by the skilled trades. Sparky Life reveals remarkable stories, and shares points of views,  from journeymen and women, who build the things that make our lives work. The lessons learned on the Sparky Life episodes are not only valuable for those engaged in the skilled trades,  but frankly for all of us,  whether we use tools literally or figuratively in our daily lives. On the Sparky Life Podcast,, I share my electrical journey, experiences, and insights through engaging banter with those I have met along the way.

I am an Electrician and Evangelist for the skilled trades. If we stand together we can build the world we wish to live in.  Sparky Life, Sparky Life's guests, and engaged listeners are all here to "Create the Sparks in Your Life!"

Meet Benter

Hi Friends - I am Benter Oluoch your go-to for all things podcasts! With three years in the game, I am a wizard at podcast production and development.  I do it all – from setting up the mics to making sure every clip sounds great. I am from Kenya, known for amazing wildlife and adventures and I bring that sense of adventure to my work. Before I started mixing sounds and editing videos, I was teaching and working at a bank. I discovered my passion for helping others express their voice and mission by producing and editing amazing podcasts. Outside of the studio, I am all about running on the open road and getting my hands dirty in the garden.

At the end of the day, it’s always about helping people reach their full potential by expanding upon my creativity and craft. That’s exactly why I’m here with Sparky Life: to be a part of this incredible movement seeking to empower individuals to create change in their life. I do this by providing strategic social media intervention to grow and empower the Sparky Life audience, manage platforms, create content, support my dear friend Lia, and build the future of the Sparky Life podcast in order to serve more people in the skilled trades industry.

The Rest of the Team:

From Left to Right:

Kado - all-around emotional support, tail-wagging cheer leader.

Kif - spunky, sparky polydactyl (she has an extra claw, so she gets more work done).

Nibbler - King of the castle.

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