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This is the Sparky Life with your host Lia Lamela. Thank you for joining me every Thursday for remarkable stories and the points of view from journeyman and woman who build the things that make our lives work!  When I originally started this podcast I wanted to debunk some stereotypes and myths about the skilled trades, create a place to support women in the skilled trades, and share the incredible careers within the skilled trades.  However, Sparky Life has evolved into so much more the lessons learned from our guests are not only valuable for those engaged in the skilled trades but frankly for all of us whether we use tools literally or figuratively in our daily lives.  I share with you my electrical journey, experiences and insight through engaging banter with those I have met along the way.  If you are interested in trade tales, an industry filled with opportunities then subscribe and be notified every Thursday when Sparky Life trade tales continue. The Sparky Life guests are here to help you create the sparks in your life!

Why a podcast on the trades?

Sparky Life debunks incorrect information that trade careers are somehow subservient, or “less than”. Trade careers are actually highly valuable and lucrative positions; it’s challenging to find good, skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. It’s supply and demand: if there is scarcity, there is great value. There is no shortage of opportunity in the trades. We encourage females especially to investigate trade careers, as data and experience shows that there are far too few females in the trades - therefore, we need to support each other!

Sparky Life is intended to help us take this journey together, by removing self-imposed barriers. Here we identify your strengths and guide you on how to leverage those gifts for personal and business financial gains in the skilled trades.

We review and analyze employee motivation and team building opportunities; amplifying team interactions, and maximizing employee productivity and harmony in the skilled trades workplace.

We trigger change to guide clients career choices and advancement options while providing a solid framework for accountability and sustainability.

This is a strong female-supported community where we can learn and grow together.

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